Skolans tredje berättelse

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“We need to begin to think about schools in a fundamentally different way,” Richardson said. In his vision of this third narrative, reformers would focus on creating an education system that supports inquiry-based, student-centered learning, where students are encouraged to find entry points into the mandated curriculum in ways that are meaningful to them. Technology is an integral part of Richardson’s vision because it allows students to create and demonstrate their knowledge. “That piece of it really allows kids to create things and connect with other people, arguably more important than much of the traditional curriculum that schools are built around,” Richardson said.

Det finns två dominerande berättelser om skolan, säger utbildaren och författaren Will Richardson. Den ena är att skolan är trasig och måste organiseras på ett helt annat sätt. Den andra är att skolan är bra organiserad och har bra styrning, vi måste bara göra det som görs idag på ett bättre sätt. Men Richardson vill ge skolan en annan berättelse, för han menar att de båda som finns syftar tillbaka på samma grund eftersom de utgår från samma test- och mätsystem.

En grupp progressiva utbildare på Educon konferensen menar att framgångsrika medborgare framöver behöver:

… be able to manage massive amounts of information, a crucial skill as life becomes more digital. Students should learn in ways that disregard traditional disciplines like English and math, instead focusing on real world problems that allow for crossover and interplay. The focus should be on providing student-centered experiences that bring out qualities in students that aren’t necessarily measurable. Students should learn to build and manipulate computers, not just use them. Perhaps most importantly students should be taught how to learn, especially since the content or specific skills needed in the future are as yet unknown.

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