The 21st century skills a teacher should have

Posted on 22 november, 2013 av


Here is a set of recommendations for the 21st century teachers to reconsider in order to adequately prepare today’s students for their future:

  • Share and model the use of current Internet tools

  • Participate in professional networks

  • Assist students as they build their learning networks

  • Provide sufficient learning opportunities for students to become digitally literate

  • Inspire every child to be quality digital global citizens.

Under headlines such as ”The risk taker”, ”The Collaborator”, ”The model”, ”The leader ”, ”The visionary”, ”The learner ”, ”The communicator” and ”The adaptor” the site Educational Technology and Mobile Leraning lists characteristics that every teacher in the 21th century should have. Read the article in full here.

Heres two videos from the article: