Core Subjects?

Posted on 15 november, 2013 av


This post is written by Jonas Klaevhag and was first published on his blog ”What´s the story?”.

Why is it that we by default regard education subjects like our national language, mathematics and English as so-called “core subjects” in school?  And why are subjects like craft, arts and music dismissed as “arts subjects”?

Personally I think it should be the other way around. Creative subjects are at the core of our ideas and passion to make things better. Those are the classes were we are encouraged to catch our thoughts, ideas and dreams and are requested to visualize them. That’s where it begins. The “arts subjects” are the real “core subjects”.

Maths and language are good tools to make our visions come true, but they are not taught to spawn ideas in each pupils’ mind. Therefore they are better named as “support subjects”. In fact, the idea of them being at the core, is so totally different from how we function as people. We are driven by stories, issues, problems to solve. Not by subjects. Not even hardcore researchers are driven by their devoted discipline.  Yet we enroll our kids for 13 years to make their own copies of the “support subject” tools and put them in toolboxes on which it says “Do not open until graduation!”. What a waste of good creative years!

With the new “core subjects” we would teach our kids that their ideas can make the world a better place and we would fuel them to learn whatever they need to know and whatever “support subject” they need to master, to turn their ideas into reality.

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